Event Details

One Night Event: "Democracy Lives in Miami"

“Democracy Lives in Miami” is a gathering of civic, academic, cultural, business and political leaders in the Greater Miami area who support the democratic principles and shared stated values. “Democracy Lives in Miami” is a 2-hour event consisting of a cocktail reception, followed by a theater-style presentation entitled, “Democracy Lives in Me; An American Narrative”, featuring community leaders from across the political spectrum of Miami-Dade that will inspire and remind us all about the importance of protecting our democratic values. Our target audiences include Miami leadership, the national press, and Greater Miami’s political center, center-left and center-right populations, who feel that their voices are not being sufficiently heard because of an over-focus on voices from the far left and far right.

Group Monologue: "Democracy Lives in Me: An American Narrative

Miami represents a unique swath of the nation with its diverse population, it’s place among America’s greatest cities and its high profile platform as an international destination. “Democracy Lives in Me, An American Narrative” is a theatrical group monologue of five notable South Florida leaders who will share their never before heard personal “American” stories on stage under the direction of respected Broadway talent, Joel Silberman, in a group monologue, written by Peter Montgomery, that intertwines their histories as it relates to their commitment to democratic values. Miami’s diverse tapestry will be on display as leaders from Haitian-American, African-American, Cuban-American, Jewish, Latin American and Non-Hispanic Anglo communities bravely share their personal histories in a dynamic theatrical presentation sure to touch all of us regardless of our varying backgrounds.